We aid powerful innovations from impact-minded entrepreneurs to deliver global transformational impact in the shortest time possible.

This new program is built within the proven, impact-focused Fledge accelerator network
(with over 100 graduates based in over 25 countries) and reusing the Fledge revenue-based investment model.

On top of that, our carbon-copy platform will create a more sustainable future.

This program invites not only entrepreneurs but also impact-minded angel investors into an active community. 
Investors can contribute their immense experience, talent, network and domain knowledge in innovations that align to their careabouts, as well as critical impact capital.

All this within business models that follow the rigors of market-based systems and structures and which meet economic and social goals.

We leverage the power of our extensive global ecosystem of entrepreneurial talent networks, virtual community of contributors and change-makers, and shared infrastructure.

The accelerator runs annually with a cohort of 6-10 participating companies working intensely over a two month period in a hybrid model mixing in-person and virtual programming.



Intense mentoring and deep-dive exercises to develop VC-grade investor-ready business plans and pitches; Active cross-team peer learnings and sharing; $20k investment funds

Apply by contacting at accelerator@carbongroup.global

Impact Investors

Become a global citizen

Sign up for upcoming educational webinars to learn the nuts and bolts of becoming a highly successful & effective Impact Investor.

Apply by contacting at accelerator@carbongroup.global

Angel Investors

Active participation (co-selection of cohort candidates in shaping the strategies & executions) to fully align your purpose, capital, and capabilities. Be part of a vibrant global CARBON community of ‘doers’ and change-makers to turn the tide in the sustainability battle in the near future, and not 50-years later.

Apply by contacting at accelerator@carbongroup.global


 Be part of rapid shift to purpose-driven businesses, brands, and powerhouses creating a sustainable future, rather than those left on the sidelines. Infusion of culture of innovation and impact.

Apply by contacting at accelerator@carbongroup.global