About us


At the current rate, the world will achieve the sustainable development goals by 2073
40 years too late

Why aren't we seeing more progress?

CARBON's Solution

Our ‘CARBON-Copy’ model allows for rapid, concurrent business scaling and makes it possible for impact investors to earn great returns while investing in people and the planet.

Our mission is to ensure that innovative, proven businesses addressing the world’s most urgent social and environmental challenges have access to the resources and support they need to achieve rapid scale.

This is how we win the fight for our future.

How we do it

No More Conflict Between Profit and Purpose

Solutions that uplift humanity should also be good investments. CARBON ensures that they are.

Our comparatively low-risk investments offer diversification and attractive returns while solving serious problems.

Exponentially Empowering Social Entrepreneurs

Our access to capital, experienced community of experts, and shared infrastructure make it possible to rapidly scale market-based social enterprises

What About You?

CARBON thrives thanks to its global network of contributors: people from all backgrounds, united under CARBON and empowered to forge a better tomorrow.

CARBON contributors provide expertise, mentorship, or simply give us a few hours a week. While others assume leadership in our ‘CARBON-Copy’ deployments. Will you join this ecosystem and be part of the transformational impact?