By Abdulkadir Yusuf, MBA- Supply chain and Business Analytics, Michigan State University

“The Vital FEW (Food, Energy, Water) are critical to our survival as a human race and much of the life that surrounds us…” Philip Wilson

I started my internship at CARBON thinking it would just be another one, box ticked. It wasn’t. From my first interaction with the team, I knew it would be an opportunity for growth, learning, and evolution. It was more than just the quote written above, it was a living, breathing vision. My first impression of Mr. Ratan Agarwal (Managing Partner) was one of calm and experience, the perfect teacher. I worked on the Ecofiltro project with two other colleagues (Rithwik and later Pericles) and right from the very first meeting we knew that CARBON was focused on launching a sustainable product that would be affordable even in the poorest parts of the world. Ecofiltro is created basically by using clay and sawdust/rice husk, availability of these inputs, the durability (3-4 years) and the simplicity makes it easy to deploy and scale.

The challenging part of the project was analyzing and choosing the areas of deepest needs, easiest to access, and partners who are willing to assist in preaching the gospel of the FEW to the many. I enjoyed every minute spent working on this project and learned a lot within one summer. My summer project with CARBON is the most meaningful work I have ever done because it was the summer, I worked with CARBON to try and make the world just a little bit better.

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