By Rithwik Nichenametla, BS (Finance & Business Analytics) Class of 2023, Indiana University – Kelley School of Business

During my internship, I was assigned to two tracks, where I worked on evaluating potential portfolio companies for CARBON investment and planning for the deployment of Ecofiltro in Nigeria. Each week, my team and I presented innovative companies in fields like healthcare, resource management, and education. We evaluated these companies on six different metrics to decide fit for CARBON’s investment requirements. This analysis has helped me understand the drivers of business success in the context of a potential investment. The exploration of companies led to a network effect where we had the chance to look into related industries and investment firms. Oftentimes, I would evaluate early stage startups with interesting solutions to problems affecting millions. One company that we reached out to had developed a way to instantly diagnose pulmonary diseases like COVID-19 and lung cancer. In addition to this project, I worked on a business plan for Ecofiltro, a water purification company. Our team analyzed Nigeria as a potential market for expansion. This required deep research into the country’s demographics, market segmentation, consumer trends, and much more. Our research culminated in a report that outlined Ecofiltro’s main value proposition for the Nigerian people. We also engaged with target execution partners and completed a review of the financial viability of Ecofiltro’s product in comparison to existing alternatives. Overall, my internship experience at CARBON taught me a multitude of interpersonal and analytical skills that I will surely use in the future.

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