By Jordan Guess; University of Oregon MBA Candidate, 2021Center for Sustainable Business Practices

I was introduced to Ratan and team at CARBON through my graduate chapter of Net Impact. This took place within the first term of my MBA program at the University of Oregon. As I learned more about the business model as well as opportunity to gain a hands-on experience, it seemed like a very natural fit. I was most impressed with Carbon’s portfolio of business because it was centered around impact; accelerating solutions from a socially and environmentally responsible standpoint was at the core of the business.  

We were given the choice of the type of project ranging from education to economic development. In choosing the economic development path alongside three other MBA candidates, I had the opportunity to partner with an exciting startup called TapArt. Working directly with their bright and innovative founder, Srikaran Masabathula, we gained insight into the art ecommerce space. The company is elevating often overlooked or disadvantaged artists internationally while simultaneously bringing unique art pieces to consumers. This symbiotic relationship has significant potential to break down barriers of entry for artists so they can monetize their products in a more even playing field.   

This experience was extremely valuable in the sense that we were able to look at real world challenges, learn about company’s strategy and make recommendations for growth opportunities. Another significant differentiator was that this project spanned several months as opposed to shorter lived projects. It was a true partnership and beyond a transactional relationship. I believe this experience will provide value beyond my MBA program, equipping me with a skillset to quickly learn a business model, industry, and collaborate with an organization to make strategic recommendations for growth.

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